EMR for Gynecologist

EMR for Gynecologist


We have developed an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Web Application for a leading gynecologist in Pune.

The Web Application has streamlined the back office process to carry out tasks of filling patient information, prescriptions, etc. It maintains patient case history and has a feature for appointment booking.


  • To make the web application highly intuitive and easy to use so that even front desk staff can learn it very quickly
  • The app had to be designed to save doctors valuable time so that doctor can see more patients in her visiting hours


  • Role based access for doctors and front desk staff ensures sensitive patient information is only seen by doctors
  • All frequently needed information available in app at a single click
  • Schedule of tests and vaccines also easily accessible to the doctor
  • SMS integration to send appointment and test/vaccination reminders to patients
  • Patients can book appointments directly from website


  • Day-to-day process of running the clinic is streamlined
  • Increased revenue as more patients are seen by the doctor per day.
  • All patient data with case history available to the doctor at the click of a button
  • Customized reports provided for accounting purposes and analysis of revenue
  • No large investment needed as web application provided in a SaS model