Big Data Product QA

Big Data Product QA


A tech startup in the US has developed a low code / no code framework for Big Data ELT that handles all data complexities in the backend. This frees customers from the hassle of data processing and allows them to get maximum benefit from the data.

Gamut QA helped achieve 95% product demo success resulting in reduced time to market with this product.

Extensive QA ensured high quality releases of this delightful / intuitive, fast and accurately functioning product.


  • Fast paced Product development with frequent changes
  • QA team had to be productive quickly by understanding product and domain
  • UI is the key differentiator of in this product and thus had to be tested extensively


  • Special emphasis was placed on UI/UX which is a very important part of this product. Apart from reporting bugs, QA team’s approach was to improve the overall User Experience and intuitiveness
  • QA team automated part of the regression workflow to make the QA cycle faster to match the development pace
  • Advanced functionalities in the product like version control, error handling, automation and scheduling for jobs were tested rigorously, ensuring a robust release


30% of total bugs raised were user workflow/UX related, that helped product meet enterprise standards and achieve intuitive user experience which is the product’s USP

  • 15% of total bugs raised were enhancements that added value to the product acceptance and success
  • Maximum QA coverage accomplished with few thousand test cases written for existing functionality and more being added as QA scope increases
  • Time and cost of regression brought down by automation of redundant tasks