Business Solutions

Business Solutions


Gamut Business Solutions, based in Pune, India provides software product development and QA services, with special focus on early stage technology start-ups.

We specialize in developing early stage product into a market leader and building a high caliber technical team from ground up in a fast moving startup environment.

We are a trusted partner in the entire product journey.
We add value to our clients’ businesses by working closely with them as partners, not just vendors.

We have a leadership team with vast experience in managing Product, Processes and People for tech startups in the US.

Our expertise lies in Innovation, Software Development, QA, Documentation, Delivery and Technical customer support across a variety of domains

Who we are


Value lies in solution

We focus on understanding and solving the business problem

  • We believe technology is a means to implement the solution
  • We work with a technology agnostic mindset
  • We are capable to work with any new technology that fits the solution
  • Our skill lies in learning new skills and being productive quickly to deliver the best solution

Making sense of the chaos

We embrace the chaos and bring some order to it

What enables us to do this?

  • Understanding of the initial ad-hoc development of early stage tech start-ups
  • Our familiarity with tech product development process
  • Achieving a perfect balance by setting up processes to bring predictability without hampering development pace

People-centric approach

People management is our super power

  • We are experts in handling teams with diverse experience and backgrounds and spread across multiple geographical locations
  • We understand each individual’s needs and aspirations while grooming the team
  • We focus on optimizing talent and fostering collaboration



Our systematic and robust QA process ensures product and service excellence.
We have rigorously developed a comprehensive 6 ‘C’ approach of QA for bug-free, sturdy and intuitive software.

Correctness – Ensure that the product delivers accurately on the promised functionality
Clarity – The user persona and the use cases are clearly understood so that product user experience is enhanced
Coverage – Test the entire product, including the smallest and rarely used features, leaving no surprises
Criticality – Assign higher priority and more weight for testing the critical and most used functionality
Celerity (Speed) – Test for speed and optimal performance with respect to UI rendering and resource usage
Compliance – Make sure the software meets the defined standards and regulations


There is a strong emphasis on usability, correctness and performance in our unique software development approach.
Thus, the softwares we develop are CRISP

Correct – Requirements are clearly understood and fully delivered. All the promised functionality works perfectly.
Robust -The software has a strong error handling and recovery mechanism and a secure API. It is designed to be reliable and maintains data integrity.
Intuitive – Special emphasis is placed to provide a delightful user experience (UX) while designing the software’s User Interface (UI).
Scalable – Reusable code components ensure future growth is handled without a huge impact on cost and time. Uses Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
Performance – Developed to maximize speed and efficiency. Performance optimization is achieved without compromising on the maintainability of the code



For non-IT businesses

Bring to us the business problem and we build the software to solve that.

We use the best suited technology and processes for the solution.

For Technology Startups

Come to us with your product idea and we transform it into reality. We build the product, taking it through every stage, from concept to prototype to a full-fledged enterprise grade product. 

We continue to give you technical support and maintain the software through AMCs. Or we do a systematic handover to you.


  • Get a fully managed team consisting of tech leads, designers, developers, QA engineers and project managers OR pick and choose from our pool of skilled resources
  • Our handpicked team of skilled engineers will add value by working in a seamless collaboration with your existing team
  • No hassle of hiring, and managing the team
  • Reduce time to market with the help of our technology and domain experts
  • Be assured of regular progress monitoring and total transparency of project status


We are happy to partner with you in any other model customized to your needs. Get in touch to discuss your requirement.


A tech startup in US has developed a low code / no code framework for Big Data ELT that handles all data complexities in backend. This frees customers from the hassle of data processing and allows them to get maximum benefit from the data.
Gamut QA helped achieve 95% product demo success resulting in reduced time to market with this product.
Extensive QA ensured high quality releases of this delightful / intuitive, fast and accurately functioning product.


  • Fast paced Product development with frequent changes
  • QA team had to be productive quickly by understanding product and domain
  • UI is the key differentiator of in this product and thus had to be tested extensively


  • Special emphasis was placed on UI/UX which is a very important part of this product. Apart from reporting bugs, QA team’s approach was to improve the overall User Experience and intuitiveness
  • QA team automated part of the regression workflow to make the QA cycle faster to match the development pace
  • Advance functionalities in the product like version control, error handling, automation and scheduling for jobs were tested rigorously, ensuring a robust release


  • 30% of total bugs raised were user workflow/UX related, that helped product meet enterprise standards and achieve intuitive user experience which is the product’s USP
  • 15% of total bugs raised were enhancements that added value to the product acceptance and success
  • Maximum QA coverage accomplished with few thousand test cases written for existing functionality and more being added as QA scope increases
  • Time and cost of regression brought down by automation of redundant tasks

We have developed a complete customized ERP Solution for a medical and industrial gas manufacturing company in the Dominican Republic. Starting from scratch with just a single line problem statement, we have now provided an exhaustive system to handle inventory, production, invoicing and reporting.


  • A very vague, single line problem statement given by the customer
  • New feature and compliance requirements were added frequently


  • Multiple rounds of discussions held with client to thoroughly understand the business problem and user persona
  • Features and modules were added in minimum time as and when the client gave new requirements
  • Modular, reusable code ensured scalability of the system
  • Prompt and thorough technical support provided by our team


  • Considerable saving in time and cost due to streamlining of business processes
  • Secure and role based access from multiple geographical locations
  • Regular data backup


“Gamut Business Solutions developed the EMR Web Application for my clinic. It has made a big difference in the day to day running of the clinic. The Web Application has streamlined the back office process. We are able to do the tasks like filling patient information, prescriptions etc. very quickly and smoothly. Also, all my appointments for the day and the patient case history is available to me at a click of a button. As a result, I am now seeing more patients in my visiting hours. The app is so easy to use that my staff required very less time to learn it. Also, Gamut team is always ready for any technical support if required.”
Dr. Mrs. Manisha Munemane
An experienced gynecologist in Pune.

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